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Prime Minister Tony Abbott:  Address to the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, New York

Mr President, in what can seem darkening times, I want to begin with a message of hope.  Amidst all our problems: the murderous rage of ISIL in Syria and Iraq, Russian aggression in Ukraine, the spread of Ebola in West Africa and the stubborn sluggishness of many economies, let me start with a small but telling illustration of nations working together to serve our common humanity...As this General Assembly meets, with such pressing issues before it, our challenge – as always – is to realise our best hopes and to be our best selves. Australians have two defining characteristics: we believe in a “fair go” because innate decency demands that every person have a chance to contribute.  We also believe in “having a go” because rolling up your sleeves will always produce a better result than standing on the sidelines complaining.  This readiness to make an effort for a good cause is why Australia feels so comfortable in this body and is so ready to contribute to its work.  We should put no limits on what we can achieve, especially when we work together, trust people and are faithful to our deepest values.  (more)

Development assistance for Cambodia

Australia will provide an additional $40 million in development assistance to Cambodia over four years as part of a bilateral refugee resettlement agreement.  As a party to the Refugees Convention and a member of the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime, the Cambodian Government has expressed a desire to contribute to humanitarian outcomes for those genuinely in need of protection.  Australia will assist the Cambodian Government build a successful resettlement program and provide financial support to drive further gains in its economy.  (more)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott:  Address to the UN Security Council Summit on Foreign Terrorist Fighters, New York

I’m happy to be here at your urging, Mr President. It is the weightiest of matters that brings us together today.  Right now, thousands of misguided people from around the world are joining terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq because they claim Islam is under threat and because they are excited by the prospect of battle.  But whatever they think or say, these terrorists aren’t fighting for God or for religious faith.  At the heart of every terrorist group is an infatuation with death.  What else can explain the beheadings, crucifixions, mass executions, rapes and sexual slavery in every town and city that’s fallen to the terrorist movement now entrenched in eastern Syria and northern Iraq?  A terrorist movement calling itself “Islamic State” insults Islam and mocks the duties of a legitimate state towards its citizens.  And to use this term is to dignify a death cult; a death cult that, in declaring itself a caliphate, has declared war on the world.  So, countries do need to work together to defeat it because about 80 nations have citizens fighting with ISIL and every country is a potential target.  (more)

UNSC sanctions against terrorist fighters, recruiters and financers

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop: I welcome the listing by the United Nations Security Council’s Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee of 16 individuals and entities known to be associated with ISIL, and other Al-Qaida linked terrorist organisations.  The Security Council Committee – chaired by Australia – has listed these individuals and entities as part of a broader strategy to starve ISIL and its ilk of resources and funding.  Sanctioning these individuals and entities will also help countriesdisrupt the networks that recruit the foreign fighters these groups relyupon. Listing these individuals is a means to stop the terrorists’ travel and access to funds, support or weapons. (more)

Australia invests in Global Innovation Fund

In embracing a new aid paradigm, Australia is taking a more creative approach to the planning and delivery of development programs.  In New York, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that Australia will contribute $30 million over four years to a global fund designed to develop innovative new ideas for development, explore alternative finance and create economic growth opportunities.  The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is a global program established by the United States and United Kingdom that will identify, test and scale up successful new approaches to development. (more)

North Korean human rights violations

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop attended a meeting in New York on Grave Injustices in North Korea to further highlight the appalling human rights record of the North Korean regime.  A UN Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on Human Rights in North Korea – led by eminent Australian Michael Kirby – concluded that systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations have been, and are being,committed by the North Korean government against its own people.  This is a finding the international community cannot ignore. It has a responsibility to protect the North Korean people.  The Commission concluded that the gravity, scale and nature of these human rights violations reveal a State that has no parallel in the contemporary world.  (more)

Defence Minister visits Iraq and the United Arab Emirates

Minister for Defence, Senator David Johnston, is visiting Iraq and will then visit the United Arab Emirates.  “It’s in Australia’s best interests that we stand ready with the world – now in a coalition of more than 40 nations – to help the new Iraqi Government to disrupt and degrade the ISIL death cult and to regain control over its own country,” Senator Johnston said.  In Baghdad, Senator Johnston met with Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, and other senior government officials.   Senator Johnston will also meet senior US officials to discuss the situation in Iraq and reaffirm Australia’s commitment to disrupt and degrade the ISIL death cult. (more)



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